Hanging Travel Organizer

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Tired of carrying all your cosmetics, creams, colognes and makeup lying in your suitcase when you travel? Try this Hanging Travel Organizer bag. Travel won't ever be the same again.

The Hanging Travel Organizer bag is ideal for adventurous people who need to have all their basic necessities on hand in their travels. Have the opportunity to bring your scrubs, essentials, toothbrush and everything you need in your well organized trip.

CocoBag Cosmetic Travel Organizer | ADOGADGETS
This Hanging Travel Organizer is the perfect companion for any traveler. With enough space to hold everything you need, you can take all the essentials with you in just one bag. No more packing/unpacking needed! Just hang this bag on the toilet wall, and that's it.

Our Hanging Travel Organizer has an exceptional size to carry everything you need without taking up space. Suitable for long-distance travel, personal toiletries more traveling public. Water proof fabric and breathable.

CocoBag Cosmetic Travel Organizer | ADOGADGETS
Unisex Bag. Thanks to its compartments and colors can be used by both women and men
Light and waterproof. Made of high hardness polyester, it is a lightweight and water resistant bag
Compartments for everything. You will have different compartments to organize your creams, colognes, oral hygiene and much more in their main compartments
Easy access outside zipper. It has an external zipper that will make it easier for you to catch what you need most quickly
Hanger included hanger. It has a hanger to make it easier to use, so you will get anywhere and you can hang it and access easily
CocoBag Cosmetic Travel Organizer | ADOGADGETS

CocoBag Cosmetic Travel Organizer | ADOGADGETS

Material: Polyester, Nylon  
Closure Type: Zipper
Dimensions: 20.5x24x10.5cm
Weight: 0.23kg / 0.51lb
Colors: Green, Beige, Rose, Red, Blue, Navy

Package Includes:

1 x Hanging Travel Organizer